加藤至、星野文紀、吉田祐からなるアーティストグループ。2009年より活動をはじめる。造成地の探険で得た人やモノとの遭遇体験や違和感を表現の根幹に置き、身体を用いて土地を体験的に知るための遊び「フィールドプレイ*」を各地で実践し映像や写真、パフォーマンス作品としてあらわす。またその記憶を彫刻作品や舞台、映画へと展開させている。2015年から任秀夫氏と共に「任・ヒスロム鳩舎」として日本鳩レース協会に入会。レース鳩に関するワークショップや展示などもおこなっている。平成30年度京都市芸術文化特別奨励者認定。 *劇団 維新派 故松本雄吉がそう呼んだことによる。

Formed in 2009, hyslom consists of Itaru Kato, Fuminori Hoshino, and Yuu Yoshida. The periodic exploration of developed land and encounters with people and objects there, as well as a sense of incongruity resulting from these experiences, serve as a basis for their artistic expression. hyslom turns “field-play”, their method for physically and playfully experiencing a given environment, into video, photography, and performative artwork. The group further develops the memories of “field-play” into a wide array of other media, including sculpture, theatre, and film. In collaboration with Hideo Nin, a well-known figure in the world of racing pigeons, hyslom became a member of the Japan Racing Pigeon Association under the name Nin-hyslom Hatosha (Nin-hyslom Pigeon Home), in 2015. hyslom also organizes workshops and exhibitions related to racing pigeons, thus gradually merging the roles of care takers and artists. In 2018, hyslom was awarded the Kyoto City Special Bounty for Art and Culture.